Cheese & Charcuterie


Served with honeycomb, pickled onions, crostini. One for 7, Three for 18, Any five for 25, Additional for 6 each
Sartori Bourbon Bellavitano, USA: Pasteurized cow’s milk, washed in Kentucky Bourbon, sweet, smoky exterior, strong, milky saltiness on the inside, nutty and creamy. gf
    Brebirousse D' Argentil, France: Pure pasteurized sheep's milk, rich and soft ripened. GF
      Taleggio, Italy: Pasteurized cow's milk. Pungent, meaty, nutty interior, a soft and earthy tasting grey mold on a sticky, orange edible rind. GF
        Parmigiano Reggiano, Italy: Buttery aroma, nutty sweetness and spice, salt-caramel finish. GF


          Served with pickled onions, crostini. 7 each
          Chorizo:  Pimentón gives this Spanish classic its smoky, spicy flavor and its beautiful rusty orange coloring. This chorizo is piccante, meaning its smoky and rich flavor is underlined by a jolt of spice. GF
            Salami Finocchiona, California: Rich with fennel seeds, this Tuscan style salami has a bright and herbaceous flavor and creamy mouth feel. GF
              Prosciutto Di San Daniele, Italy: Northern Italy’s version of the classic; aged 18 months & it melts in your mouth. GF
                Duck Prosciutto - California: Dry cured, intense flavor and luscious texture. Made in the USA from cage free Moulard duck breasts. GF