Cheese & Charcuterie


One for 8, Three for 21, Five for 30
Served with fig spread, pickled onions & crostini.
Sartori Bourbon BellaVitano, USA
Pasteurized cow’s milk, washed in Kentucky Bourbon, sweet, smoky exterior,
strong, milky saltiness on the inside, nutty and creamy. gf
Robiola Bosina, Italy
Pure pasteurized sheep and Piedmont cow's milk,
mild, creamy goodness, silky interior, perfectly
balanced mushroomy, salty and sweet flavors. gf
Cage Aged Reserve Mistoa, France
Pasteurized sheep’s milk, firm, smooth, sweet,
with notes of toasted wheat. gf
Bonta Capra, Italy
Pasteurized goat’s milk. Soft and silky buttery paste,
beautiful complexity with a clean, milky flavor. gf
 Montealva Curado, Spain
A citrusy barnburner from Southwest Spain.
Pasteurized milk from rare breed of Andalucian goats.
Dense and flakey, with a flavor redolent of fresh-squeezed lemons. gf
Champion Cambozola Black Label, Germany
Pasteurized cow’s milk. A gray mold on the rind brings another layer
of nuance to the flavor profile. A longer ripening time also enhances the taste and texture. A great introduction to blue cheese for those who might be intimidated by some of the more intense specimens. gf



 Served with pickled onions & crostini.

Iberico Chorizo, Spain - 8
Rich, smoky flavor with a little spice. gf
Salami Finocchiona, California - 7
Rich with fennel seeds, this Tuscan style salami
 has a bright, herbaceous flavor
and a creamy mouth feel. gf
Prosciutto Di San Daniele, Italy - 9
Northern Italy’s version of the classic.
Aged 18 months and it melts in your mouth. gf
Cured Sweet Soppressata, USA - 8
Crushed black pepper, garlic, hearty flavor.
Duck Mousse with Port - 10
Duck liver, chicken fat with port wine. 
Dufour Gourmet Pâté de Campagne - 10
Black pepper, rich pork, green herbs.